Intelligent transport chains are crucial for your business success.

LTG is specialized in the optimization of processes along the supply chains of industrial and commercial enterprises. We control the flows of material and information end to end on your behalf – from procurement through storage to distribution.

If you have any questions about logistics processes or logistics structures, we will be happy to advise you and get together with you to develop a made-to-measure logistics concept that meets your needs exactly – in keeping with our motto “Partnerships built on trust”.


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Logistics – as a market with enormous prospects – needs a strong partner.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, efficient strategic control of material and information flows is a decisive competitive advantage.

With a large fleet of our own and experienced, qualified personnel, we can offer you the optimal means of transport for any type of shipment. Our customers profit from a perfect transport solution whenever and wherever they need it.  We also provide a wide range of supplementary administrative services to ensure smooth and efficient transport.


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In a booming industry, efficient processes are a must.

Chemical industry products are at the start of umpteen different value chains. There is hardly any sphere of our daily lives that is not influenced by the chemical industry in one way or another. However, since the substances involved are often hazardous, special vehicles and suitably trained staff (ADR) are vital. LTG has its own equipment and its own fleet of vehicles for this purpose, which is why we guarantee you the highest levels of reliability and competence.


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+49 6205 / 20 92 - 100

The European single market is changing and as ever more technological, fiscal and physical barriers are removed, targeted management of the flow of goods from production through to the sales market becomes increasingly important. 

We coordinate intelligent transport chains for your product and exploit the strengths of different modes of transport in order to reconcile economic and ecological criteria. 


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Today’s and tomorrow’s beverage markets demand efficient and timely service concepts to help streamline your company’s processes.

As an independent logistics provider, we offer innovative solutions for the entire beverage industry in addition to the beverage wholesale trade. We specialize in comprehensive logistics management from a single source and organize the flow of goods end to end from bottling to the POS. That naturally also includes implementing and operating alternative transport networks as well as outsourcing classic services. On the warehouse logistics side, we bundle items from different suppliers at neutral, regional collection platforms for beverage wholesalers. 

Individual manufacturers are no longer obliged to provide their own logistics structures and incur high overheads; instead, the costs are fully variable and coupled to sales, giving your company new freedom to concentrate on your core competencies. 


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Smooth and seamless logistics operations are a key success factor for modern companies in a globalized competitive environment.

If you want to hold your own against fierce competition, you must leverage synergies, optimize costs and become more efficient. Today, not only classic services are outsourced but also a wide range of value added services. LTG is specialized in the design and implementation of sustainable process optimizations along the supply chains of industrial and commercial enterprises. 

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LTG develops cross-industry solutions for contract logistics that fit seamlessly with each customer’s requirements.

When it comes to contract logistics, we see ourselves as a holistic provider of system services for all logistical and related tasks along the supply chain; we support you in the framework of a long-term service contract, which we draw up together based on a division of labour. In collaboration with you we identify, and constantly optimize, the best and most viable measures and options for your company and your needs. 


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+49 6205 / 20 92 - 700

Different goods result in different, and often highly specific, requirements with regard to the type of storage.

We at LTG handle all merchandise delivered to us according to each customer’s individual wishes and needs. We have more than 140,000 square metres of conditioned warehouse space equipped with advanced storage technology at our own freight forwarding facilities.

LTG invests not only in existing sites but also in targeted, on-site solutions for customers. With many years of interdisciplinary experience managing the most diverse types of warehousing operations for both industrial and consumer goods, we are a strong partner for your business.


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+49 6205 / 20 92 - 100

Optimal food logistics are vital to ensure a smooth supply of goods to supermarkets and efficient shipping services.

In an ideal food logistics system, uninterrupted cold chains – controlled using advanced and specially adapted equipment for the storage and transport sector – are crucial.

Continuous cooling in transit and proper storage of perishable foods, effective humidity control, compliance with the strictest hygiene standards and comprehensive protection against dirt and dust are daunting challenges for logistics service providers – but for LTG they’re part of the routine service to customers in the food sector. 

When it comes to handling and picking, we offer precise, secure and flexible access. We know you have high expectations with regard to batch traceability, and we make sure the whereabouts of your products can be reproduced at any time. All items are labelled with individual brand information and product details.


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By cooperating with the right partner to improve your company’s efficiency, you can add significant value. 

To achieve optimum added value and integrate flows of information and goods across different companies, your logistics chain must be in tune with market needs. Take advantage of our logistical analyses: we develop and implement a concept for you based on sound advice. We review your logistics structures and costs in order to determine the degree of utilization and measure your efficiency from the point of view of resource use as well as processes and procedures. LTG can draw on an experienced and practically minded team of logistics specialists, who are there to help whenever you need them. Profit from our comprehensive range of services to complement and strengthen your own logistics system. 


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Concentrate on reaching your goals – and we’ll take care of the transport logistics. 

As an exhibitor, stand builder or organizer, you need exhibition and event logistics made to measure if you want to be successful in the national and international arena. Multi-event roadshows or major trade fairs and events demand a competent, flexible and reliable partner to take responsibility for the logistics. We see ourselves as part of the value chain.


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Your project, our mission.

We get together with you to develop a customized and innovative logistics concept that is tailor made for your situation. All your needs and requirements are taken into account – from quality, time and cost aspects to local and climatic conditions. 


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Not many industries have experienced such a radical transformation in the last few years as the textile retail trade.

Purely online or offline channels have become virtually extinct. Lifestyle and fashion companies face increasingly tough challenges. At the same time, the logistics potential is far from exhausted. Value added services such as security tags, labelling or order picking can be outsourced to a logistics partner. The balancing act between providing an industry-specific automation solution and maintaining the necessary flexibility is a key factor here.


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+49 6205 / 20 92 - 100<br/> textillogistik@ltg.eu

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