LTG – Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG was founded more than 120 years ago in 1896 in Landau, southwest Germany.

Today, it is a mid-market company employing 450 people and in the hands of Heinrich and Johannes Doll, representing the fourth generation of the owner’s family. To meet the challenges of more and more internationalized markets, our firm has gradually evolved from a simple forwarding agent to a modern provider of logistics services. Logistics and transport solutions made to measure – always with the best cost ratio – are crucial success factors for our customers’ business.



Quality is the essential foundation for our work.

Internal and external audits take place regularly to monitor our quality standards and initiate improvements.


The actions of every single employee have direct impacts on the quality of the collaboration with our customers and hence on our business success.

In keeping with our motto “Partnerships built on trust”, we encourage teamwork and strive to establish a motivational and performance-enhancing working environment which is characterized by respect for personalities and individuality. Our decentralized organizational structure, the delegation of responsibility and short decision-making processes create optimal framework conditions for us to respond competently, promptly and flexibly to the most diverse customer needs.

Modern IT systems support our team’s efforts to organize our work processes as efficiently as possible. Our quality management system focuses on the development of individual expertise, backed up by effective and thorough on-the-job instruction as well as ongoing opportunities for vocational and advanced qualification. Regular training and perfectly maintained equipment help us achieve the highest levels of safety. 

We firmly believe that the professional and personal skills of our experienced team of staff lay the foundation for our customers’ satisfaction!

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Our history has shaped us into what we are today: a tradition-minded, mid-market company, meanwhile owned by the fourth generation of the Doll family, with a success story that has gone on for more than 120 years.

Our history

  1. Pferdetransport, 1896, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG

    Philipp Schmitt, from the small town of Landau in southwest Germany, founds Philipp Schmitt & Sohn KG. Back then, the firm’s principle business activities were as a cartage agent for the railways, using its own horse-drawn carriages. 

  2. Die LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG im Jahre 1925

    Following the death of the company founder, his son Heinrich Schmitt takes over the running of the business. LTG already places a strong emphasis on innovation, for example with a fleet of trucks fitted with “elastic” tyres. 

  3. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG im Jahre 1944

    The firm suffers serious setbacks during World War II: three air raids on Landau leave the company premises in ruins. 

  4. Alte Flotte 1948, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG

    The war is over at long last and Germany’s economic miracle is about to take off. LTG acquires its first new Büssing truck powered by 105 hp. 

  5. Ruprecht Doll is appointed Managing Director. The company’s economic prosperity heralds the start of the first expansion phase. 

  6. Weintransport 1955, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG

    Throughout the fifties and sixties, transports of wine from Rhineland-Palatinate to the Black Forest (and later to Lake Constance) are an important element of LTG’s business. 

  7. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG Niederlassung Passau, 1960

    Construction work is completed on the new Passau branch and central workshop. 

  8. Another new branch is officially opened in Munich. 

  9. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG im Jahre 1975

    The Regensburg branch is relocated to Neutraubling. 1600 square metres of storage space are now available on a 10,000 square metre site.

  10. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG im Jahre 1980

    Heinrich and Johannes Doll take over the management of the company. The headquarters are moved to Garching shortly after. 

  11. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG 1992


    The construction of the new Hockenheim branch, including a filling station, truck wash and railway siding, is completed on a 37,500 square metre site.

  12. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG 1998


    A new branch with a railway siding, filling station and truck wash goes up in Regensburg.

  13. LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG 2002

    The purchase of an adjoining property in Hockenheim paves the way for a separate facility especially for beverage logistics. A total of 6000 square metres of storage space, 150 square metres of offices and a railway siding are now available on this 16,000 square metre site. 

  14. Historie LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, Jahr 2007

    In April 2007, following a construction phase lasting only six months, the new Regensburg 2 logistics centre opens for operations in Junkersstrasse 10. A total of 17,000 square metres of logistics space is now available on this 36,000 square metre site. 

  15. Historie, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, Jahr 2009

    In May 2009, the new Hockenheim 3 building opens for operations following a mere five-month construction phase. LTG now has more than 19,000 square metres of space here for beverage logistics. 

  16. Historie, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, 2010

    Hockenheim 4, a new multi-user logistics centre, is officially opened. This new complex comprises four warehouses totalling 23,000 square metres of logistics space, a high-bay warehouse for large containers and small load carriers plus heavy-duty shelving.

  17. Historie, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, 2012

    Our Regensburg 3 branch opens opposite the Regensburg 2 site. An extra 10,000 square metres of logistics space are now available at the logistics centre in Regensburg.

  18. Historie, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, Jahr 2015

    The new Regensburg 4 building adds another 9000 square metres of state-of-the-art warehouse space in this historic Danube city.

  19. Historie, LTG Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG, Jahr 2017

    The extension of the Hockenheim 3 logistics centre expands the total site by 18,000 square metres, adding 10,600 square metres of logistics space.

  20. LTG invests in a new branch in Zweibrücken, where another 4500 square metres of modern logistics space are available after the work is completed.